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Transparent Lace vs HD Lace

Transparent lace and HD lace are popular lace types in the hair industry. Transparent lace is commonly made of French or Swiss lace. These undetectable laces are thin (yet thicker and more durable than HD lace) and look natural on all skin tones. Typically makeup that matches the wearer’s skin tone is applied to the lace to blend in better with their hairline. HD lace is created using very thin Swiss lace. This delicate lace material blends flawlessly with the skin, creating a natural looking hairline. Take a look at the pros and cons of transparent and HD lace.


Transparent Lace


•Blends with skin tone


•Less expensive 



•May have to use makeup to match skin tone with lace

•Not as thin as HD lace

•May need more customizing than HD lace


HD Lace


•Undetectable hairline

•Blends well with all skin tones



•Very delicate 

•More expensive 


We hope that this helps you choose the perfect lace to create a more natural hair look.

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